Anita Brookner

Another writer of whose fiction work I am enamoured.

One day I shall hopefully do her full justice with real-time reviews of her many novels.

Meanwhile, I just wanted her name in the headings of this website!


By Anita Brookner

Penguin Shorts (2011) – ebook
I seem to have read an Anita Brookner novel once a year from around the early 1980s until 2006.image And none since then, which is perhaps understandable as she approaches her ninety line. I have been seeking her books amid brix and malta, but I spotted today this so called new-fangled ebook that seems to be the only source of her novella in 2011, possibly her last fiction as she enters what I have called ‘dream sickness’, as I have felt myself entering even at my mere age of 67…
She has been a major influence on me AND PLEASE CONSIDER GLANCING AT THE COMMENT STREAM HERE WHERE I INTEND TO REAL-TIME REVIEW this relatively short but no doubt precious work…

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