MEMBER – Michael Cisco


My real-time review of MEMBER by Michael Cisco – continued from HERE:

Pages 323 – 356
“…those who, while they are no longer part of Chorncendantra, may be required for game purposes later on, as a way of staying in touch, so that they may be recalled by certain participants in the game who are endowed with that authority.”
And via a Witold Gombrowicz scenario of Chasing the Noumenon, chasing the orbiter – or bottle – our Thanks to the Empress (who I sense to be Elizabeth Bowen waiting, in her Blitzed London lair for her humble courier) and Thanks to Cisco, too. Another implosion of self for this reader at least. The sky crowded with artifacts…

This novel means less than any others I’ve managed to read until their end, but it means more than them, too… “I say it might follow that the game isn’t done with me, and perhaps never was.”


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